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Building upon the TDI Gas Blender Course, the next step is taken in the TDI Advanced Gas Blender Course where you will develop and master the skills and knowledge needed to produce custom mix gases for technical diving that include helium.


After a review of academic subjects such as:

  • Formulas
  • Gas analysis
  • Blending equipment
  • Blending systems
  • Oxygen handling

The TDI Advanced Gas Blender manual will build your academic knowledge and act as a great resource manual for future reference. Also available is the SDI/TDI Gas Blending Log.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Nitrox Gas Blender
  • 18 years of age
Additional Course Information:
  • Time: 1 day

Diving ActivityPrice (IDR)
Advanced Gas Blender 3,500,000
PADI CDC Career Dive Professional

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