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Trawangan Dive - Dive Site - Tunang WallMinimum diving certification needed for this dive: Nitrox Diver /Advanced Open Water / Specialty Courses

Part of a huge chain of deep walls and ridges that spread out underwater from the base of the volcano Mt Rinjani the scale of Tunang Wall is hard to fathom at first. Dropping to over 200 metres the steep rock slopes are covered in ancient corals on an epic scale. As you ascend to the top of the wall extensive coral gardens continue across the meandering ridges of the shallower sections.

Depth: 40-200 metres

Level: Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix. Expedition. CCR

Descent: Negative entry blue water descent on GPS drop.

Ascent: Blue water DSMB. Drifting decompression
PADI CDC Career Dive Professional

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