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Trawangan Dive - Dive Site - Tunang WallMinimum diving certification needed for this dive: Nitrox Diver /Advanced Open Water / Specialty Courses

Trawangan Dive is one of the only dive centres in the Gili Islands that venture out to this beautiful reef.  Because of the distance we are taking recreational divers for a two tank divetrip on the slope and our tec-divers can experience the beauty of the deep wall. The top of the wall starts at a depth of around 35m and drops to about 200m. When you do any tec-diver course with us you will visit this location to do your training. The wall is covered in a large variety of corals and massive gorgonian fans. On the wall we have had encounters with thresher sharks, Molah molah and manta-and devil rays. Usually you will see schools of trevally, fusiliers and snapper. The slope leading to the wall is covered in cabbage and mushroom corals with a diversity of smaller reef fish.

North-West Lombok
By dive boat from Blue marlin (30 min.)
Average Depth
42 meters
Maximum Depth
Depending on diver level but mostly 25m
Average Visibility

West coast Lombok