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Gili Trawangan Dive Site Japanese WWII Wreck Minimum diving certification needed for this dive: Nitrox Diver / Specialty Courses

This dive is available to experienced diver. The wreck itself is intact, and situated in a protected bay, so it is largely unaffected by coastal currents. The Japanese World War II patrol boat is approximately 20 meters in length and is covered in beautiful corals. Inhabiting the wreck are many Lionfish, Stonefish and Frogfish. Around the wreck, schools of Tuna, Barracuda and Batfish are commonly seen. Owing to the depth of the wreck, we recommend divers to use Enriched Air on this dive to take full advantage of this experience, although Air dives are possible. Trawangan Dive offers introduction dives and courses using Enriched Air for those divers who have not yet discovered the benefits of Nitrox dives.

West coast Lombok
By dive boat from Trawangan Dive (20-25min)
Average Depth
42 meters
Maximum Depth
45 meters
Average Visibility
15 - 20 meters

West coast Lombok