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Tech Diving BoatThe water around the Gili Islands provides rich rewards for technical divers. The 20 or more sites visited by recreational divers have been joined in the last few years by nearly the same number of deeper dive sites, with the majority being a 15 to 20 minute boat ride from Gili Trawangan.

The ocean around the Gili Islands drops off to over 1200 meters and is swept by tidal currents keeping water clear and clean. We have also enjoyed a protected status from fishing for many years and the less visited deeper areas are pristine, providing tremendous topography and a variety of fascinating marine life such as oceanic sun fish (mola mola), sharks, rays, turtles and a variety of other pelagic.
The diving is predominantly drift diving, although some sites have windows of several hours without current. Most sites are walls and reefs, and if you like wreck diving we have a totally intact WWII Japanese Submarine Chaser resting upright at 45 meters. Deep walls range from 40 meters to over 150 meters. A great number of these deeper walls and reefs give relatively easy access to shallow water for decompression, others drifting open water decompression is normal.

Our diving is customized to your needs and interests, and will follow the general guidelines listed under our Tec Diving Guidelines page. All our boats are equipped with surface oxygen, additional decompression gases, radios and mobile phones. There will be no large mixed ability groups, allowing divers to enjoy their diving and develop at a level which is comfortable for them.

Best time of the year to dive is all year round. March to October is very reliable weather and warm both in and out of the water. We always have some sites sheltered from prevailing seasonal weather conditions and typically lose only three or four days diving a year due to rough conditions. Water temperatures range from 27° to 30° Celsius (80° to 86° Fahrenheit).
Coral on Gili Trawangan Technical Diving Gear Diver Gili Islands Tec divers at Trawangan Dive

Tunang Wall

Trawangan Dive - Dive Site - Tunang WallMinimum diving certification needed for this dive: Nitrox Diver /Advanced Open Water / Specialty Courses

Trawangan Dive is one of the only dive centres in the Gili Islands that venture out to this beautiful reef.  Because of the distance we are taking recreational divers for a two tank divetrip on the slope and our tec-divers can experience the beauty of the deep wall.

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Japanese WWII Wreck

Gili Trawangan Dive Site Japanese WWII Wreck Minimum diving certification needed for this dive: Nitrox Diver / Specialty Courses

This dive is available to experienced diver. The wreck itself is intact, and situated in a protected bay, so it is largely unaffected by coastal currents. The Japanese World War II patrol boat is approximately 20 meters in length and is covered in beautiful corals.

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Takat Malang

Gili Trawangan Dive Site Takat Malang Minimum diving certification needed for this dive: Advanced Open Water / Specialty Courses

This site is close to Simon’s reef, and quite similar in many respects – a collection of large coral heads (Takats) arranged in a sloping bed, beginning with plateau at 15 metres. There are about 10 major heads, each sculpted with overhangs, outcrops and swim throughs - as if someone has been at work on the reef with a giant carving chisel.

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