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Gili Trawangan Dive Site Shark Point Minimum diving certification needed for this dive: Open Water Course

One of the most varied and interesting dive sites around the Gili’s, Shark Point is a vast open site available to all levels of diver certification. The site starts with a shallow sloping reef, with a series of ridges and valleys leading into deeper water. Shark Point is one of the specific areas of this dive site, situated at approximately 28m – an area which truly deserves its name. An impressive variety of marine life inhabits this reef with turtles almost guaranteed to be found in the shallows amongst the soft corals, and White-tip and Black-tip Sharks, Jacks, Barracuda, Angelfish, Snapper, and Blue Spotted Stingrays all commonly seen.

West Gili Trawangan
By dive boat from Trawangan Dive (10-15 mins)
Average Depth
20 meters
Maximum Depth
28 meters
Average Visibility
15 - 30 meters

Currents can run strong here, making precise timing of your entry essential (which is no problem for our talented boat captains)
PADI CDC Career Dive Professional

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