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Gili Trawangan Dive Site Gili Air Wall Minimum diving certification needed for this dive: Open Water Course
The coral growth at this sloping wall is at its best in the shallower sections of the reef near the south end of the site, where there are some good heads of Brain and Star corals and some Acropora formations. There are lots of overhangs and arches along the wall filled with Glassfish, Moray Eels and sometimes Octopus. The deeper sections have a lot of ribbon algae and there is some nice soft coral growth in this region. Several species of the reef fish are note worthy, including the stunning Six-banded and Regal Angelfish, Lionfish, various types of Triggerfish, Sweet Lips, Damselfish and Basselts.

Northwest Gili Air
By dive boat from Trawangan Dive (20 min)
Average Depth
20 meters
Maximum Depth
28 meters
Average Visibility
15 - 20 meters

Slide to moderate currents make a drift dive advisable
PADI CDC Career Dive Professional

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