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Gili Trawangan, the largest of the 3 Gilis off the north west coast of Lombok and close to Bali, is very easy to reach from both. The first of the islands to attract tourists, it has continued to develop as a very popular destination for travellers from all over the world. Hotels and restaurants can now cater for all ages, tastes and nationalities; from economy to luxury, from local style eating in warungs (cafes) to candlelit fine dining on the beach.
A major attraction is the lack of motorised vehicles on the island. The 7.9 km coastal path teems with pedestrians, cyclists and horse carts for the less energetic and provides the almost non-stop temptation of shaded watering holes to rest, refresh and, of course, choose a way to rehydrate!

The sandy or coral beaches and the wonderfully warm clear blue sea provide the perfect picture postcard setting with stunning backdrops of Lombok's Mt Rinjani and Bali's Mt Agung. Snorkelling with turtles and thousands of reef fish can be enjoyed straight off the beach and the best dive sites are but a short boat trip away.

Whether your aim is complete rest, partying all night or anything and everything in between, Gili Trawangan has something for everyone.

Getting Around

Motorised vehicles are not permitted on Gili Trawangan so, during your stay, you can say a temporary goodbye to traffic, congestion, road rage, exhaust fumes and one or two aspects of road safety. To get around you have 3 choices: you can rediscover the joys of a walk (brisk or leisurely) in gentle sea breezes; ride a bicycle or use a horse-drawn cart, the island’s taxi (cidomo).

For the walker, the island provides both shaded and sunny walks with a complete circuit of the coastal path taking about 2 hours. Of course, most walkers take much longer with so many choices of tempting refreshments available en route.

Bicycles can be rented daily from several places close to TDC. Prices and bicycle quality do vary and a short test run is recommended to check that you have a chain and brakes; the life of a rental bicycle can be a hard one!

The horse drawn carts are available throughout the island. Many wait at the harbour for arrivals with heavy luggage. They can also be booked from hotels or flagged down in the street but can be expensive so negotiating a price before a ride is strongly recommended. Like the rental bikes, the horses’ lifes can be hard in Gili temperatures and animal welfare concerns have troubled some tourists. Recent initiatives, very actively supported by TDC, have done much to improve matters but we do ask visitors to avoid cidomos with animals thought to be mistreated and not to overload the carts.


All three Gili Islands are powered by an undersea cable from Lombok.  However in the peak season this can be put under huge strain particularly in the late afternoon and early evening. Most businesses have their own generators to avoid any problems and usually power cuts only last a few hours.


Wifi is available in most of the hotels and restaurants on the island, but don't expect anything too speedy.  All of the wifi is directed via satellite which means that there are many variables that can slow it down.   Try to remember where you are while your video is buffering and enjoy the beautiful scenery instead.   It’s also simple and cheap to buy SIM cards for your mobile phone.

Health & Safety

There are several 24-hour clinics on the island, the original one being at Hotel Villa Ombak on Gili Trawangan.  The doctors can deal with minor injuries; minor medical problems and can provide certain prescription drugs.  Herapan Keluarga hospital in Mataram also offers a good standard of care and hyperbaric chamber which can be reached from Gili Trawangan in around 1.5 hours.  Generally there is very little crime on the Gili Islands, however nowhere is a 100% free of petty crime. Like anywhere in the world it’s advisable to leave valuables in a safe in your room.


There are various ATM machines available on Gili Trawangan. All dive centers and larger hotels accept Visa and Mastercard, but will charge you an additional 3% bank fee.


A lot of businesses rely on well water for bathrooms and showers, but some businesses, including Trawangan Dive, provide fresh water from a desalinization plant.  Please use the islands water resources sparingly.

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