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Trawangan Dive - Conservation Activities - Fixing The biorock on Gili Trawangan Trawangan Dive is committed to protecting and conserving the environment. We do all that we can to get involved with organised projects locally and worldwide.  On a local level, Trawangan Dive supports local initiatives like the Gili Eco Trust, the island conservation organisation that work on several projects including reef restoration, patrolling for illegal fishing practices, waste management and recycling, beach clean ups and animal welfare clinics.

The PADI Green Star Award ™ is about rewarding vision, excellence and the pursuit of conservation.  Trawangan Dive was the first dive centre in the Lombok region to achieve the PADI Green Star status.

On a more global level, Trawangan Dive have produced Tshirts in conjunction with conservation organisations like Sea Shepard and donated all profits from those sold to their cause.

In 2009 Trawangan Dive was the first dive centre on Gili Trawangan to run the 2 week BioRock Project.  This have now increased in popularity and we are now running 6 two week work shops every year.

This project includes theory on Biorock technolgy, coral gardening, reef check,  maintenance on existing structures around Gili Trawangan.  You will then also design and make your own BioRock, place this on the sea bed and attach broken corals to it ready to begin the re-growth process.

In 2012, Trawangan Dive organised a Finathon fund raising event which collection over US$12,000.  Proceeds from this were split between the Gili Eco Trust and Project AWARE to help protect vulnerable shark and ray species from the devastating effects of unregulated, international trade.

More recently in 2017 Trawangan Dive held a charity event to raise the funds to build a new clinic for the cats on the island.  The evening raised enough money to build a new hospital where regular clincs for the stray cats will be held.

Trawangan Dive has been actively supporting the cat and horse clinics for over 7 years by helping to arrange for local and international vets to run workshops which aim to reduce the stray cat population on the island and offer education to the local horse cart drivers on the island.  For more information on how we help, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Trawangan Dive - Conservation Activities - Trawangan Dive - Conservation Activities - Trawangan Dive - Conservation Activities - Trawangan Dive - Conservation Activities -
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