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Technical divers use their own equipmentIf you don't own recreational dive equipment or just didn't bring it with you, don't worry, all dive equipment is included in the price of all recreational fun diving and recreational dive courses.

Although we recommend all technical divers use their own equipment, we realize there are times that it may not be practical to bring everything with you. We have an extensive selection of rental equipment that will enable you to have a safe comfortable technical dive using only time tested, reliable brands.
We have a large variety of aluminum and steel tanks including:
  • 25 liter isolation manifold twin tanks
  • 22 liter isolation manifold twin tanks
  • 12.5 liter tanks
  • 11 liter tanks
  • 7 liter tanks
  • 3 liter tanks
  • 2 liter tanks
We have the following technical diving equipment for rent:
  • Apex dual bladder wings
  • Apex backplates
  • Apex XTX 200 regulators
  • Suunto Helo2 computers
  • Liquivision X1
  • Liquivision Xeo
  • JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather
Technical divers use their own equipmentTechnical divers use their own equipment 09 Trawangan Dive - Equipment Rental and Sales - Trawangan Dive - Equipment Rental and Sales -

Equipment Sales

Trawangan Dive Shop Trawangan Dive's Retail Shop offers a full range of brand-name recreational and technical dive equipment. Some of the equipment brands we carry are: Aqualung, Apex, ScubaPro and Suunto. We offer competitive prices and if we don't have it, we can get it!

We carry most things you would ever need, for diving and snorkelling plus specialised technical dive gear. With our extensive experience in the diving world we can offer great advice that will save you time and money in the long run, as you will not purchase dive equipment only to find out later it does not meet your changing requirements. A lot of our equipment is specialized and won't be found in your local dive shop.

We can also special order JJ Rebreathers.
Trawangan Dive shop and equipment salesTrawangan Dive Equipment Clothing SnorkelsTrawangan Dive ShopTrawangan Dive - Equipment Rental and Sales -

Please contact us for any of your equipment needs.
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